We recently dispatched rehoused lenses to one of our initial customers located in France. The customer had previously received the 22 (3-22-1) and 50 (1-50-6) lenses last year, however, the completion of the 40-75-100 lenses was delayed due to the 80mm front outer diameter limitation.

This is the sole set of lenses that we have rehoused with an 80mm front outer diameter. The technical complexities involved in rehousing these lenses, particularly the 40, 75, and 100mm, were numerous. The 40mm lens possessed a notably short back focal distance, which necessitated the inclusion of a specially designed mechanism to accommodate its compact size within the PL mount. The initial version resulted in vignetting on sensors larger than S35, necessitating a three-month revision period. The 6-75-1 lens, on the other hand, was particularly weighty, rendering the approach utilized for the 1-40-1 and 1-50-6 lenses ineffective. Despite the limitations imposed by the compact housing, we were able to successfully implement a solution, albeit with some imperfections.

The 2-100-2 lens, housed in an 80mm front outer diameter casing, presented a formidable challenge due to its weight and extended travel range. The iris mechanism had to be redesigned to accommodate the specific focal length, resulting in less-than-optimal mechanical performance.

The primary obstacle currently faced is the availability of suitable machinery. While we possess the capability to design effective solutions, our current machinery is inadequate for the task. We hope to receive continued support until we are able to acquire more advanced machinery in the future.

We will be providing an update regarding the mass production of the 1-50-6 and 1-75-1 lenses. Though the quantity produced may not be considered significant compared to a big workshop, it still surpass the production of 7 lenses in a single batch. We are currently nearing the completion of the machining process. Kindly stay apprised for further information.