Tri-Section Interchangeable Anamorphic Lens System

Introducing the TSAS: the Tri-Section Interchangeable Anamorphic Lens System, a thoughtful innovation in lens systems, designed for flexibility and adaptability. Composed of three distinct, easily swappable sections, each features a reliable bayonet lock, for secure attachment.

One key advantage of the TSAS is the intercompatibility within the system. As more units find their way into various setups, you can simply use any TSAS lens, negating the need for custom components.

TSAS Focuser FVD-24A


The focuser section includes a 15mm LWS support and has a close focus of 0.9m or 2.9ft. Additionally, it features a non-rotating, non-telescoping front for matte box usage. The front OD is 114mm and it has a focus throw of 270 degrees.

If you do not want to source your own diopters for the focuser, we also have custom-made diopters available. The price is $1995, including both the optics and the housing

TSAS Scope Kowa 8-Z


The scope section is designed to be fine-tunable, should you ever need to make adjustments in the future. Most 16mm scopes are supported, such as Kowa 16-H, Kowa 35 1.5x, and Hypergonar 16. The focus distance is locked at infinity.

TSAS Scope Taking lens LOMO 50mm


This section can accommodate any vintage cine optical lens block, such as LOMO or Cooke, or it can be any still photography lenses, such as Super Takumar, Contax Zeiss, Leica R or whatever you prefer. We also replace the iris module on still photography lenses with a new one that has a higher blade count. The focus is locked at infinity and there’s no focus mechanism on this section. For an extra $150, we can add a BFD Quick Adjust feature to greatly simplify BFD adjustments without the need for any shims.





Each section of the TSAS can be ordered according to your requirements, whether you prefer a Leica-R as a taking lens, a Kowa 35 1.5x as a scope, or HCDNA as a focuser. We do recommend testing the combinations with a DIY approach first to ensure it suits your needs.

As for the weights, the focuser (FVD-24A) weighs in at 1,116g, the Kowa 8-Z at 770g, and the LOMO 50mm taking lens in TSAS housing at 373g. This brings the total weight of a complete lens to approximately 2,259g, or around 5lbs. Other configurations may vary.

Pricing can be checked using our rehousing cost calculator as always.