LOMO OKC1-18-1 OKC1-22-1 OKC4-28-1 OKC8-35-1 OKC1-50-1 OKC1-75-1

LOMO OKC1-18-1, OKC1-22-1, OKC4-28-1,
OKC8-35-1, OKC1-50-1, OKC1-75-1


LOMO 22-35-50-75

LOMO OKC3-22-1, OKC11-35-1, OKC1-50-6, and OKC6-75-1.

LOMO Spherical rehoused

LOMO OKC1-100-1 & LOMO OKC4-40-1

LOMO OKC1-100-1 & LOMO OKC4-40-1 (65mm/70mm Format Lens)

LOMO Spherical rehoused

LOMO 40mm (OKC1-40-1), 75mm (OKC6-75-1), and 100mm (OKC2-100-2) rehoused in 80mm front OD (No longer in production.)

LOMO Spherical rehoused

Lomo 22mm & 50mm Rehoused in 80mm ODLOMO 22mm (OKC3-22-1) & 50mm (OKC1-50-6) rehoused in 80mm front OD (No longer in production.)

Main features:

  • 95mm Front OD (except for the OKC1-18-1 and some other focal lengths with more than 90mm front diameter).
  • 92mm front filter threads.
  • Completely internal focusing, no extending, no rotating during focus.
  • Stainless steel PL mount.
  • 270 degrees focus throw (except for some lenses with really a short back focal distance but sits deep inside the PL mount such as the OKC1-18-1 and OKC1-22-1).
  • Same iris and focus ring positions on most focal lengths.

Supported Lomo optical blocks:

LOMO has produced an impressive array of lenses throughout its history, with over 50 different models in its lineup. Even within a single focal length, such as 35mm, there can be several versions available (OKC1-35-1, OKC2-35-1, OKC8-35-1, and OKC11-35-1). Thorough research into the specific model you intend to rehouse and shoot with should be conducted before making a decision.

Certain LOMO lenses can present significant challenges when it comes to rehousing. For instance, the OKC1-22-1 (22mm) has a compact optical block and a short back focal distance, which results in the lens sitting behind the PL mount when rehoused. This positioning can lead to various complications, making it a less popular choice for rehousing projects. In contrast, the OKC3-22-1, with its more modern design, is better suited for rehousing and, consequently, commands a higher price for its optical block compared to the OKC1-22-1.

Affordable LOMO optical blocks, such as the OKC1-22-1, which often sells for less than $200 in new old stock condition, can be found. However, not all inexpensive options are ideal candidates for rehousing. Careful consideration of the lens model’s design and compatibility is essential to ensure a successful rehousing project and optimal performance when shooting. 

CKBK Super Speed lenses

СКБК, also referred to as CKBK, SKBK, and ЦКБК, was a renowned factory dedicated to lens research and development. During the 1980s and 1990s, they produced a limited run of highly sought-after cinema super speed lenses with low serial numbers. Among the lenses crafted at the СКБК factory were the OKC10-28-1, OKC11-50-1, and OKC12-75-1. There has been some confusion, with people mistakenly attributing these lenses to the LOMO factory. However, to properly acknowledge the exceptional craftsmanship and the unique nature of the super speed series, we’d recommended to label these lenses as СКБК rather than ЛОМО.