Hello Everyone!

As we continue to grow and evolve at TK LENSES, we wanted to share some important updates and changes with you all. It’s been over two years since we started this journey, and the progress from our first prototype to where we are now is nothing short of amazing. Your support has been the backbone of our success, and for that, we’re immensely grateful.

Changes and Growth

As we transition from a smaller operation to a more organized company structure, there will be several changes in how we operate. This includes adjustments to our costs, processes, and overall approach to lens rehousing. Our goal has always been to deliver quality service, and these changes reflect our commitment to maintaining and improving our standards.

Clarification of Services

We’ve noticed that there might be some misconceptions about the level of services we offer compared to high-end service providers. We want to emphasize that while we strive for excellence, our services are distinct from those offered by premium providers. It’s crucial for our clients to understand the scope and nature of our work to set the right expectations.

New Service Agreement Policy

To ensure transparency and clarity, we are introducing a new policy. Starting now, all new clients will be required to agree and sign a service agreement before proceeding with their deposit and rehousing. This step is crucial to ensure that every client is fully aware of and comfortable with our process and outcomes, helping to prevent any unexpected situations in the future.

Our New Workshop

Exciting news on the development front – our new workshop is about 60% complete! We are expecting to move in around June this year. This expansion means more space and, consequently, the ability to work faster and more efficiently. We are eager to see how this new environment will enhance our operations.

Looking Forward

Reflecting on our two-year journey, the progress has been remarkable. There have been numerous improvements since our first prototype, and we anticipate even more in the near future. A particular development we’re excited about is finalizing our spring-loaded design, which we believe will be a game-changer for us.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Your feedback, support, and trust in TK LENSES have brought us this far, and we’re excited to see where we’ll go together in the future. Here’s to more growth, improvements, and shared success!