About Us

TK Rehoused Lenses

TK LENSES is a lens rehousing service founded in 2021 and based in Bangkok, Thailand. Our founder, a lens collector with over 15 years of experience in the vintage lens scene, particularly with anamorphic lenses, recognized the need for an affordable lens rehousing option. Over the past decade, he has sent more than 50 lenses to various service providers worldwide, but was disappointed with the high costs and lack of options available.

To address this need, he began by finding a workshop to make parts for his anamorphic scopes. However, after visiting 50 machining workshops in Bangkok and nearby cities, he realized that only a handful of people had the knowledge and willingness to do it due to the complexity and lack of order quantity. Determined to find a solution, he invested in a used CNC machine and hired a design engineer to work full-time on lens housing designs.

Today, the TK LENSES team has grown from one person to nine, including the founder. We have gone through a lot of difficult learning curves in lens rehousing, but have gained valuable knowledge and know-how through trial and error. Our mission is to provide affordable and high-quality lens rehousing services to the vintage lens community. We are dedicated to preserving the unique characteristics and features of each lens while making them usable for modern cameras.