LOMO OKC7-28-1 Rehoused

As the desire for individuality grows, so does the demand for bespoke products and services. Our rehousing services strive to meet these expectations by providing numerous customization options, allowing you to add a personal touch. This page highlights the different choices you have at your disposal, along with any associated fees and considerations to bear in mind when making your selections. Uncover how you can modify our rehousing services to align with your unique vision, while being aware of the potential impact on cost, duration, and the final outcome.

It’s feasible to request specific customizations for our rehousing services. However, it’s important to note that making these requests may prolong the rehousing process and result in additional costs.

Please also keep in mind that the final result may not be an exact match to the draft or rendering, as slight variations in color, font, size, or specific details may occur. Additionally, we don’t employ surface-level marking with consumer-grade laser devices. The text and logos on our lenses are authentic engravings, created using either a milling machine or deep engraving with a high-powered laser, ensuring a minimum depth of 0.3mm.

Custom finishes

We offer a few options for anodizing color. In addition to glossy black, there are silver, and grey available. There is an extra charge of $150 per lens to choose either of these colors instead of black. The external parts of the lens will consistently have a sandblasted surface with a glossy anodized finish. As for the internal parts, they may be anodized without sandblasting, particularly in areas with threads. To prevent reflections, the anti-reflective cones are sandblasted and given a black matte anodizing treatment. Please be aware that the color of the text/numbers will change based on the new finish. For example, black text on silver instead of silver text on black.

Custom text/number colors

To further personalize your rehoused lenses, we also offer the option to customize the color of the texts and numbers. For an additional $95 per lens, you can select a preferred color – for instance, silver instead of red or any other color of your choosing. Please note, due to the nature of lens customization, the final color might slightly differ from what you see in the photos. Also, the white color we use tends more towards silver rather than pure white. Keep in mind that these customizations could slightly extend the duration of the rehousing process.

Custom logo

If you want to replace the default logo with your own, there is a one-time setup fee of $500 and a fee of $250 per lens. Please be aware that the text “REHOUSED IN BANGKOK, THAILAND BY TK LENSES” is located underneath the lens and will remain on all rehoused lenses.

And due to the nature of engraving the logo, there may be limitations on the design. The engraving bit is not able to effectively produce designs with small or intricate details, so it’s recommended to use a simple logo without too many fine details. To make sure the final result meets your expectations, we suggest sending us your logo for evaluation. If desired, a sample can be created for a fee to guarantee your satisfaction.

Muting the TK LENSES logo is offered as an additional service at $35 per lens. This fee covers the extra customization required, including revisions to our standard workflow and additional steps. For reference, please see examples of the LOMO OKC7-28-1 and Contax Zeiss 85 T1.5.


By default, either an imperial or metric focus scale will be provided. If both scales are required, we can accommodate this for $75 per lens. The scales can be arranged with metric on the left and imperial on the right, or vice versa.


ATTENTION: Hard engraved identifiers, while excellent for branding, can pose challenges when selling, especially to fellow rental houses. It’s worth weighing the future resale value against the immediate customization benefit.