Anamorphic Projection Scopes Advanced Housing

This service offers rehousing for your existing Anamorphic Projection Scopes, including but not limited to: Kowa 16-H, Sankor 5e, Moller 32/2x, Moller 32/1.5x, and Isco Inflight.

Sankor 5e Rehoused
Isco Inflight 2x Rehoused

Our main features for rehousing Anamorphic Projection Scopes include:

  • A swappable lock-ring with a diameter of 75mm, 86mm, and 95mm for use with FVD-16A, 16B, 24A, 35A, and HCDNA (75mm lock-ring is included by default)
  • Fixed infinity focus (shim-able)
  • Adjustable front and rear elements for fine-tuning purposes
  • Removable lens support
  • Rear threads with a diameter of 52mm or 62mm and adjustable dual lock-ring

Please note that this service does not include a focusing mechanism and your scope will be locked at infinity. This is also suitable for those who have a scope with a fixed focus but not at infinity, such as the ISCO-Gottingen Animex S/8 2x.

The lead time for rehousing your scope will be the same as for other lenses. Please contact us for the current lead time. The price does not include shipping and other fees.

In summary, you will receive a new housing that is ready to use with any focuser such as FVD-16A, 16B, 24A, 35A, and HCNDA. The rear mount is designed for use with a taking lens with 52mm or 62mm front threads (or larger/smaller with a step ring). The front element can also be adjusted with a few simple steps, and a removable lens support is included to ensure the stability of your setup.

We can also fix lens element separations for an additional $199.95 if your scope has doublet/triplet separations. However, please note that we do not disassemble your scope to remove the lens elements. You will need to do this yourself or find someone to do it for you. We can perform the element removal for an additional $149.95 or $199.95 if it’s an adapter with 3 elements, but there are risks that an element might crack or be completely destroyed during the process. We take no responsibility for such damages.


  • $899 for any 2-element scope with the standard configuration (eg. Kowa B&H, Moller 32/1.5x, or Sankor 5e, with 75mm front lock ring).
  • $1,195 for any 3-element scope with the standard configuration (eg. Iscomorphot 16/1.75x, Bell & Howell Filmorama, or Cineovision 8/16mm, with 75mm front lock ring).

An additional front lock ring can be made for $39.93 extra each, plus $39.95 if you need a lens cap for each different front lock ring.

100% advance payment is required.

Kowa 16-H Rehoused
Moller 32/2x Rehoused