This lineup is currently on hold. We are not accepting orders for the NG version until further notice.

We are excited to introduce our newest lens rehousing solution, designed specifically for LOMO spherical lenses. The Next-Gen LOMO Rehousing offers a budget-friendly option for those who prioritize affordability over compatibility and high-end components.

This new rehousing solution begins with the OKC1-50-1 and OKC1-50-6 LOMO spherical lenses, starting at $995 per lens. This budget friendly solution still maintains key features such as a non-rotating, no-extending front, PL mount, and built-in focus and iris gears. We understand that many filmmakers are looking for a cost-effective way to achieve professional-quality images, and our Next-Gen LOMO Rehousing is the perfect solution for those who are just starting out or working on a tight budget.


  • Stainless Steel PL mount
  • Fixed, mattebox-friendly front
  • 270-degree focus rotation
  • Built-in focus and iris gears
  • Starts at $995 per lens*, **
  • Lead time under 3 months

Our limited quantity batch includes only 10 lenses***, so you need to act fast if you want to place an order. The lead time for a single lens is within 3 months (or less), so you won’t have to wait long to start using your rehoused LOMO lenses.



  • This rehousing is designed and optimized for use with follow focus and wireless follow focus systems only, as the focus gear stays beneath the front base, making manual focus by hand quite difficult.
  • Due to the budget design, there may be inconsistencies in the placement of focus and iris rings for different focal lengths.
  • To keep costs down, the front outer diameter of each rehoused lens may varied from model to model.
  • At this time, we are only offering rehousing services for the OKC1-50-1 and OKC1-50-6; no other models have been confirmed yet.
  • The next-gen version of LOMO rehousing uses laser marking instead of traditional engraving for logos and markings. Thus, no customizations can be made or requested for this version. Every text, numbers, and logo will be in white/silver.
  • The focus mechanism in the NG version uses a helicoid, whereas the regular version uses a cam.

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*We only accept optical blocks for rehousing, and if you would like us to disassemble the original housing for you, there will be an additional $95 charge.

 **Full deposit of $995 is required for the next-gen LOMO rehousing.

***Only 6 left currently.